C-ITS communications news

ISO 24102 parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 successfully passed DIS ballot, and are now on the way to publication.

ISO 24102-6:2018 is published.

ISO 21215:2018 is published

ISO 21218:2018 and ISO 29281-1:2018 are in the process of publication.

ISO 29281-2 is prepared for DIS ballot.

The next meeting of WG16 will be in Seoul in the week April 23rd through 25th, 2018. Major focus will be on a new work item on visible light communications, and on using LTE features in an ITS station.
The set of CALM standards considered for the C-ITS Release 2 is now harmonized with standards from ISO TC204 WG18.

13. December 2017:
The revision of the whole set of CALM standards is almost completed. DIS ballot for The set of management standards 24102-x will be launched end of 2017 / beginning of 2018.

18. November 2016:
The next meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 will be from 12. through 16. December 2016, see the draft agenda. For this meeting, experts from TC204 WG17 and WG18, and from CEN TC278 PT1508 are invited. Registrations for the meeting must be sent by email to Meetings@fischer-tech.eu; see logistics information.

1. September 2016:
ISO TC204 WG16 is preparing for a meeting in December 2016 in Germany..

5. August 2016:
ISO TC204 WG16 together with other WGs of TC204 and CEN TC278 WG16 works towards revision of C-ITS standards towards a deployment Release 2. Major attempts towards Release 2 are (1) providing missing standards and (2) harmonizing and optimizing the set of ASN.1 modules.. Interested parties are invited to contact Dr. Fischer.

10. December 2015:
ISO TC204 WG16 prepares an approach to standardize communications at 63 GHz, and to validate draft standards prior to publication. Interested parties are invited to contact Dr. Fischer.

17. November 2015:
ISO TC204 WG16 and WG18 will meet in Tokyo from 30. November through 4. December 2015.

16. November 2015:
ISO TC204 WG16 prepared draft ISO 16460 and draft revisions of ISO 29281-1 and ISO 24102-5 implementing message formats harmonized with IEEE WAVE. At the Tokyo meeting, support for "Path and Flow Management" (ISO 24102-6) will be discussed.

23. September 2015:
A draft ISO 16460 specifying harmonized message formats will be available at the Potsdam meeting in October 2015.

18. June 2015:
The next meeting of ISO TC204 and its workinggroups will be in Potsdam / Germany from 11. through 16. October 2015.

8. June 2015:
ISO TC204 WG16 prepared revision of ISO 29281-1 (Fast Networking & Transport Protocol, FNTP) and ISO 24102-5 (Fast Service Advertisement Protocol, FSAP) in order to add missing parts, and to harmonize with IEEE 1609.3 (WSMP and WSA). In the same revision process, the management interface and communication SAPs will be modified in support of the new ISO 24102-6 (Path and Flow Management). ISO 24102-6 links to the standards ISO 17423 (Application requirements for selection of communication profiles) and ISO 17419 (Classification and management of applications in a global context) from ISO TC278 WG18 / CEN ZTC278 WG16.

ISO TC204 WG16 prepared revision of ISO 21215 (M5 IEEE 802.11 communications access technology) in order to align with latest developments of other standards developed in WG16. In the same revision process, the LPD support will be replaced by the EPD support, which alligns 21215 with the next revisions of IEEE 1609.3 and 802.11. The only C-ITS 5 GHz communication standard that will still use the deprecated LPD is ETSI EN 302 663 (G5). This ETSI EN is referenced in the C-ITS Corridor project..

16. May 2014:
Based on discussions with IEEE 1609 WG in the past months, TC204 WG16 has produced a draft ISO 16460 document that presents the current status of harmonization of ISO FAST with IEEE WAVE (messaging protocol and service advertisement protocol). This draft document is offered as input to the meeting of IEEE 1609 WG scheduled for July 2014 in San Diego. Feedback from the San Diego meeting is expected to be final, and to be approved or commented by ISO TC204 WG16 at its meeting in Korea in August 2014. Usage of this ISO 16460 standard and IEEE 1609.2 standard by ISO and ETSI to update their respective base standards (IEEE 1609.3, ISO 29281-1, ISO 24102-5) is illustrated by experts from USA and Europe.

22. April 2014:
TC204 WG16 has several sessions during the meeting of ISO TC204 in Oslo.

25. March 2014:
Amendments of the following standards are in ballot: ISO 29281-1, ISO 29281-2, ISO 24102-1, ISO 24102-3, ISO 24102-4, ISO 24102-5, ISO 21218.

21. March 2014:
ISO 21217:2014 is published. This ITS station and communicationarchitecture is part of Release 1 of the EU. It presents the result of harmonization activities between ISO and ETSI.

28. February 2014:
ISO 24102-2 ITS remote station management is in ballot.

13. February 2014:
Communication standards from ISO TC204 WG16 are well represented in Release 1 of the EU..

18. January 2014:
IEEE 1609 WG and ISO TC204 WG16 arranged for a workshop in Berlin on harmonization of WSMP/FNTP and WSA/FSAP.

7. November 2013:
TC204 WG16 prepares for ISO online registries for "electronic attachements", e.g. ASN.1 modules and dynamic updates of them, of standards.

14. August 2013:
Work on IPv6 usage in ITS progresses well.

12. August 2013:
DIS 21217 (Ed 2) is approved. The comment resolution meeting will be held at the Kobe meeting in October 2013

Members from ISO TC204 WG16 and IEEE 1609 investigate intensively in a harmonized protocol set ISO FNTP / IEEE WSMP and ISO FSAP / IEEE WSA. Discusssions will be at the meeting of IEEE 1609 in Annapolis in August 2013

ETSI STF455, funded by the EC under mandate M/453 (Cooperative Systems), started implementing the test suites for ISO 21218, ISO 24102-4, ISO 24102-5 and ISO 29281-1 in the test platform for C-ITS which was originally developed for the road-safety car-centric protocols developed by ETSI TC ITS. Publicly available information is provided by members of STF 455. Vendors are invited to present their implementations for two purposes: (1) to support STF 455 in developing a valuable test platform, (2) validate the implementations.

The essential CALM core communication standards for C-ITS are either published or in the process of publication. ISO 21217 Architecture revision 1 is ready for DIS ballot.

ISO TC204 WG16 has a work item to develop ITS-S facility layer protocols implementing GeoNet functionality.

ETSI has finally published the test suites for ISO 29281 and for ISO 24102.

First activities of ITU towards ITS. Status of CALM standards.

The so-called official web site on ISO TC204 WG16 CALM issues at isotc204wg16.org , so far maintained by Ygomi (Mr. Russ Shields) is out of service, as Mr. Shields resigned from being convenor of WG16. During a transition phase, unfortunately only this web site will inform on the activities of WG16.

ESF GmbH is going to develop software-implementations of the most important CALM standards needed for communications in C-ITS.

Mr. T. Russell Shields resigned from convenorship of ISO TC204 WG16.